Duane and I  (Claire) are brothers, both veterans and beleive very strongly in our country, the veterans and troops that serve our counrty along with the first responders, law enforcement and fire fighters. We started BROTHERS WITH A CAUSE in 2010 after 12 years of design and building our tribute vehicals. The dune buggy (Claire's) was built as a tribute to all of our service men and woman and first responders. The Can Am spider and trailer was built and designed as a tribute to the fallen. Many hours of blood, sweet, and tears have gone into building our tribute vehicals to honor our service men and woman.

Duane and I are honored participate in every parade we can along Patriot Guard, Private function, and fund raisers for the city's and other organizations, as long as it is for a child or a veteran.

                                            We also participate in school functions in the four state area by talking with the kids on the history of oue flag and the cost of oue freedom.


Duane and I are firm believers that every child should have an American made American Flag as we go around we pass out 4x6 flags to all the kids or anyone wanting them. We also give out thank you cards to any armed force military and veteran with a hand shake and greeting for the sacfrices thay made to our country for out freedom. They are given also to all first responders personnel and law enforcement, along with a handshake and a joke or two for military other than the Navy or Marine Corps!  We also sell bumper stickers, to help support what we do and help offset our expenses. 175% of what we raise goes back to the veterans and kids.

Every year we start with a zero balance at the end of each year all proceeds and donations are given to the ones less fortunate to help in the holiday spirit along with Mt. Vernon Veterans Home recreational fund, Toys for Tots, and Shop with a Cop. This year Brothers With A Cause has installed 9 new flag and flag polls.  A christian flag and pole, a POW flag and pole and one for all branches of service along with fire and law enforcement flags, to a small farming town in Stella, MO, poplulation of about 160 people that goes all out for their veterans and service meembers. The town of Stella have been building a Vetwran's Monument and for four years Duane and I have been involved with helping fund the never ending improvements, this year the monument was able to proudly fly their new flags on their new flag polls.