Duane Swatosh


Enlisted in the US NAVY in April 1968 at the age of 18

Served in Vietnam I Corp 1969-1970

Served aboard Douglas H Fox DD214 1970-1971

Served at Chicago Navel BAse 1971-9172

Claire Swatosh

Enlisted in the US Marines in 1969 at the age of 18

During this time I started out in infantry and conbat training. Then into the Aviation field as a mechanic on the fixed wing piston pounders.

In 1971 the USMC purchased the AV8A Harriers from the British. I retunred to school on them and joined VMA 513 (vertical marine attach) to woek on  and put together the first USMC 3 aircraft.

Then came Sea Qualifactions. I found out reak quick the difference between a 18" fishing boat my dad had on a little farm pnd and the U.S. Navy Helicopter carrier off the coast of S.C. I was lost aboard the ship in the middle of the Atlantic when they let AVSA touch down on deck after Sea Qualifications I set sail for 12month tour in Japan.

By the end of my first enlistment I knew thes was the life for me over being an Iowa farm boy. I reenlisted and back to school only this time it was to train young mean to be a Marine. At that time if my lied i was invinicible. I was a drill instructor 28 months later I was back to the Aviation field and remained in Aviation for a couple more West Pac tours, I ended up back State side to teach school to young Navy and Marine students in Aviation maintance. During this time I was the first Marine Gyst to complete the Navy Chief Petty Officer leadership course. Being the only Marine amoung about 25 Navy Chiefs wasn't fun, but rewarding.

By now its mid 80's and back to the fleet and being a Sea going Marine. 89 Combat Expedition in Beruit Lebanon 90-91. HMM 162 6th fleet Operation Desert Storm serving as a maintance Control Chief over the maintance and aircraft combat readiness Dept July 1991 back to state side - time to Retire

My time in the Marine Corp was the most challenging and rewarding time of my life. It has made me what i am today. A Proud American labeled as a United States Marine.

Semper Fi God Country and all those mean and women that have fought and are yet fightung to preserve out Freedom.

                                                                                                           God Bless America

                                                                                                           USMC Gyst Retired

                                                                                                              Claire Swatosh